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Sunday, 23 February 2014

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Ayesha Omar

By: Habib Shaikh On: 02:17
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  • Ayesha Omar Biography

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    Ayesha Omar
    An Interview with Ayesha Omar

    Ayesha Omar born October 12, 1980 is a Pakistani actress, model, singer, and former MTV Pakistan VJ and painter. She is best known for portraying the character of Khoobsurat in ARY Digital's sitcom Bulbulay.

    Birthday: October 12, 1980
    Place of Birth: Lahore
    Education: National College of Arts, Lahore


    Your most memorable TV ad

    Your favourite international labels
    Mango, Aldo, River Island, Stella - amongst the affordable ones. Balenciaga, Roberto Cavalli, Valentino in the high end ones!

    Your favourite local designers
    Umar Sayeed, Kamiar Rokni, Feeha Jamshed, Adnan Pardesy, Ammar Belal and Sanam Chaudhry

    Your favourite photographers
    Tapu Javeri, Kohi Marri, Shahbaz, Abid Saleem and Deevees

    What do you usually wear in daily life?
    It depends on where I am going! I dress accordingly. At home, you will find me in pajamas and a t-shirt and if I am out running errands or grocery shopping, then I'll wear a kurta and pants/tights or something.

    What is one cosmetic you cannot do without?

    When stepping out, do you wear makeup all the time?
    Not all the time

    Your idea of romance
    Do you mean all the time or a moment? If it's the former, then companionship and sharing fun things together. If it's the latter, then a candle-lit dinner or a beach bbq would do!

    One thing you like best about yourself
    My ability to adapt to all kinds of environments and people

    Which designers' clothes would you always love to wear?
    Sanam Chaudhri and Umar Sayeed

    You like guys who are....
    Open and fun-loving

    Your most irritating habit
    How would I know? Ask my friends

    You don't like people who are...
    Disrespectful of women and elders, hypocritical and dishonest

    You always feel happy in the company of...
    My family and close friends

    You are afraid of...
    Losing my loved ones

    Your most valuable possession
    The talents that God has blessed me with

    Your all time favourite movie?
    There isn't just one! Different ones for different moods, but when I was young, it used to be 'The sound of music'

    Are you a shopaholic?
    Totally that's my only addiction apart from food. I need help!

    What bores you the most ...
    Name-dropping, arrogant, self-centred individuals who can't stop bragging about themselves

    When feeling low you prefer:
    To eat a good meal and watch a feel-good movie, or talk to a close friend

    You are crazy about...
    Sushi, shoes and beaches.

    Among your friends you are known as...
    Jax, Wacko-jacko and Jackoleena.... (names given to me by closest friends...don't ask why)

    Are you a social person or a loner?
    Very social mostly but I have my loner moments.

    How do you like to spend your Sundays
    Some Sundays I work, but when I am not working, then my Sundays are spent reading the papers, lazing at home and getting the house cleaned or at the beach!

     Ayesha Omar



    Ayesha Omar



    Ayesha Omar



    Ayesha Omar



    Ayesha Omar



     Ayesha Omar



    Ayesha Omar



    Ayesha Omar



    Ayesha Omar



    Ayesha Omar




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